Nice-to-have-but-can-live-without Wishlist

Days come fast… it seems it was only yesterday (okay fine make it last month!) that we have celebrated Christmas and here it is once again…47 days more to go and it’s Christmas Day again (paulit-ulit?!?!). Have you started your Holiday Shopping? Me, I already have, I just don’t want to go over the rush again…too many people is shopping malls, long queue on cashiers, whew!

So before this entry gets long enough to be a novel… I would like to share some of wishlist (pwedeng mabili ngayong taon…pwede rin next year!). These are all nice-to-have-but-can-live-without things, that I would like to receive or buy myself haha (Donations are very much welcome!):

  1. XBOX 360 Kinect (drooling!)
  2. iPhone 4S White 32G (thoug I can wait for iPhone5 to be released)
  3. A Condo Unit in Grass Residences (near my favorite mall SM City North EDSA)
  4. Gaming Desktop (with 23″ LED Monitor! hala lagot gastos na naman hahaha)
  5. Sony Digicam (DSLR sana kaso bulky!)
  6. Mitsubishi Fuzion (hindi lang pampamilya pang sports pa!)

There I listed some, if I would have to list all, one blog entry may not be enough hahaha. So now its your turn what’s in your NTHBCLW Wishlist?


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