The Muddled One – ABOUT ME

Days in the Life of the Muddled One
Days in the Life of the Muddled One

Ariel is a twenty-something Walking Object based from the northern urban jungles of Metropolitan Manila, Philippines. Known to most of his friends by his four-letter namesake “Ayie” though he now loves the idea of calling him “Jay-Ar” (long story…). This animal loves doing nothing…and loves staying indoors staying in his little corner of the house and sharing it with his muddled PC table. This endangered species is also a frustrated photographer, blogger, singer and performer (huwat!?!). His greatest dream is to travel around the world (in 80 days?!?) and have a travel blog to document it. You might be shocked on how this animal looks like…though looks like a monster; he is actually a cuddly, unfazed with difficulties kind of animal, who only wants to have quality time to spend with his friends and family. This animal loves to chat, listen to his kind of music – that is pop, easy-listening, some punk-goes-pop genre – and most of all to lie down his bed…whew…- men that was tiring…hahaha.


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