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ProjectME ’17

So wala na naman akong magawa, ito nakita ko na naman itong TMC, yung ProjectME page abat 2012 pa din yung laman hahaha limang taon na ang nakakalipas, ni hindi pa ako pumapayat eh, may kaunti namang ipon kaso may consumer debt pa din. 😀

Restart ulit tayo guys aja!


1BW: It’s a Start

Since high school ended I rarely read a book cover to cover, if I do, that is for a project, exam’s coming up or I am just excited for the next movie that will come out of the story (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince which when the movie came out, I was greatly disappointed which added reasons to not read a book, especially the sequel!!).

Now well about 5 years after the ‘big disappointment’ I will start reading again.

1BW: 1 Book a Week, this I will aptly call my new pet project. A week is definitely a long period for just one book, for someone like me who seldom reads, this may be too short, and would come out with plenty of reasons, alibis to not read a part or a chapter or a page.

So hopefully i would end up reading a lot after a season or 2 I’ll definitely keep you posted on progress.

For the first book I woukd read, I choose Ender’s Game. It just came to me.
So hopefully I could finish this within a week.