Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

Manlocboc, Aguilar, PangasinanAguilar, Pangasinan

Picnic Groove, Tagaytay City, PhilippinesPicnic Groove, Tagaytay, Philippines

Mt. Tapyas, Coron, Palawan, PhilippinesAtop Mt Tapyas, Coron, Palawan

Stairway to Mt Tapyas Summit, Coron, Palawan, PhilippinesStairway to Mt Tapyas Summit, Coron, Palawan

These are some of my favorite paths, found in various parts of my country the Philippines.


The Daily Dozen

Too few of us take the time to think through the values and moral precepts that guide our lives. Here is an edited version of writer Robert Louis Stevensonfs (1850-1894) personal creed:

1. Make up your mind to be happy.

2. Make the best of your circumstances.

3. Donft take yourself too seriously.

4. Donft let criticism worry you.

5. Be yourself.

6. Stay out of debt.

7. Don’t borrow trouble; imaginary troubles are hard to bear.

8. Donft hold grudges; avoid people who make you unhappy.

9. Have a variety of interests; go places or read about them.

10. Donft brood; get over it.

11. Help those less fortunate.

12. Keep busy; a busy person never has time to be unhappy.

What precepts are guiding you? If you wish to enter into life, keep the commandments. (Mt. 19:17) This reflection from Three Minutes a Day: Itfs Better To Light One Candle Than To Curse The Darkness, Vol. 40, was made available to Catholic Online by permission of the Christophers, a nonprofit organization that uses print, broadcast, and electronic media to encourage people of all ages, and from all walks of life, to use their God-given talents to make a positive difference in the world. (www.christophers.org).

TMC is coming to town…


Magsisimula nang muli ang kulitan at kuwentuhang matagal ko ng gustong gawin…
Mga simpleng pangyayari sa pang-araw-araw na buhay na pilit kong palalakihin… (shoot)
at mga bagay na makulit sa paningin…magulo sa isip at nakakapanggigil…



Malapit na malapit na…

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