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ProjectME: Ako Naman!

Maybe it’s right for me to think about myself (yeah just me myself and I). Not In a selfish way, but sort of self-centred way (isn’t that the same? ha ha ha). Well I tried starting such project last 2009 and my pet name for that failed project was Upside Down (also a namesake of my now defunct site hosted on freehostia)

There are several project I would like to start this year. Some big tickets some you know petty stuffs. The biggest of them all is the ‘Home Project’, whether my Parent’s Home or my Dream Home in Tropics I need to start them N-O-W.

Here is the list:

The Personal Finance Corner

  • Trimming down credit card debt to 15,000 by end of February.
  • Start a Pension Plan by April 2012.
  • Create the Ultimate Financial Plan for 2012

The Chubby Confessions

  • To lose weight to at least 90 kilograms by end of January and 85 kilograms by end of February. (kaya mo yan!!! go go go)
  • Return to Medium-sized shirts. (pwede namang magsuot ng medium…mukha ka nga lang suman!)
  • Trim waistline by 3-4 inches by end of March. (I doubt this one will work! hahaha), but hey, If you lack the courage to start, you have already finished!)
  • Get some more sleep!


  • Purchase Nikon Coolpix P500 without using credit card by end of March – done (though with some bit of arrangement hehehe)

The Muddled Corner

  • Write at least 2 times a week to your blog.

The Great Shuffle

  • Gadgets, clothing, gizmos, lifestyle name it and shuffle it.
And many more…ha ha ha I will list some more on Second Quarter Plan.

Time for a change man!